4th & 5th October – 19.00h (Time in Madrid, Spain)
In this online masterclass you will learn not just history, theory and versions of the Matrix or card and coin tricks.
I want to teach you during the 4 hours of content and live, all the work that I’ve developed, details and everything that I apply when I perform in any circumstance. Of course, I will show you tricks, techniques and theory about the Matrix effect and, in general, about magic with cards and coins.
We will do the Masterclass in two sessions, 4th and 5th October at 19.00h (Central European Time), two hours per day.  
In addition, it will be recorded FOREVER, and you will be able to access your account for watching and consulting it whenever you want.
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History about the Matrix effect

Origin, versions and evolution of the effect

The mat as a scenic space

Analysis and implementation of the mat as a stage space for magic with cards and coins

opening, development and closing

Types of opening, analysis and development of the different phases of a matrix.

Versions from 0 to 100

You are going to add a multitude of versions, variants, tricks and resources to your repertoire

Classic techniques and handlings

You will learn the tecniques with the details I do

Personal tecniques

I will teach you the personal tecniques that I’ve developed on this years for to do in magic with cards and coins


In adition, you will have some excercises for to train and practice with no problems from the first minute.

Out of Matrix

This masterclass is not going to be only about Matrix. You are going to learn new tricks with cards and coins.



You are going to produce coins magically using a card.


Unpublished content that teaches handling, theory and conception of the use of the shell.

Using the shell

Tricks and excercises using the shell with the theory and tecniques of «Cuassicare»


If once the purchase is made it does not convince you, you will have a 15-day guarantee to return it. No claims or long faces. Just write to us and we will refund your money.